What is Goals Galore?

Quite a few of the big companies like Ladbrokes, SkyBet, Paddy Power and William Hill have been promoting this on TV. Goals Galore is simply a bet where you think both teams will score. Provided that both teams find the back of the net at some point in the match you win.

It doesn’t matter who wins or if it is a draw, provided both teams score at least one goal you win! The final score can be 1-1 and you win, it can be 3-3 and you win, it can be 5-1 and you win. You just need both teams to score.

Unusually in sports betting the odds for both teams to score are fixed, generally 3-1 for a 3 game accumulator, 4-1 for a 4 goal accumulator and so on. We’re not sure why the bookies don’t change the odds depending on your selection, maybe its to keep it simple but this gives us a great opportunity to pick the games based on stats where both teams are likely to score. Picking games at random is ok, but you are more likely to win based on real facts and figures.

That’s why we set up our spreadsheet to calculate the odds across a wide range of English and International leagues to give you the most likely games where the score will be at least 1-1.

Goals Galore Rules

This market is exactly what it says in the title. You choose a football match in which you think both teams will score a goal at any stage of the game. Therefore the minimum qualifying score for a successful outcome is 1-1. You can make more than one selection and put on doubles, trebles or an accumulator of any size. The actual score of the game and which team wins is irrelevant. As long as both teams score, you win!

We have a dedicated Goals Galore Both Teams to Score system which will help you make your selections when placing a bet. Our Goals Galore tips section also contains the best selections for this exciting bet.

Both Teams Not To Score

This may be the version of the bet that you aren’t aware of just yet. That is because not all bookmakers offer this bet. It is the complete opposite of the above mentioned ‘both teams to score’. The perfect result for you if you put money on this market is a 0-0 draw. But there are many other combinations in which you will win because all you need to be a winner is for one team, it doesn’t matter which, not to score.

As long as a team in your selected match fails to score a goal, you are a winner!

Which Bookmaker?

With so many online bookmakers offering odds on the Goals Galore bet, you have many options available to you. It always pays to join more than one online bookmaker, not only to enjoy the free bet offers that are offered to new customers, but also the variation in betting odds. The more bookies you join, the more options you have of taking better odds as all events are priced independently by each company.

We have reviewed each online bookmaker and have listed below which ones we think offer the best services for the fun bet.