Two poor weeks on the bounce so we’ve rerun the data for the season to increase the accuracy.  We’re completely transparent unlike the majority of Twitter tipsters and post our History for each week, its then up to you how you utilise the data.

The FA Trophy reduces the overall number of games available and we’ve provided the top 30 matches in case theyre are any postponed games that we’ve missed,

Any questions, drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter.


Our History to date can be found here

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The model

It doesn’t take into account injuries or suspensions, but as a model, it has been fairly successful and this season as part of our commitment to transparency, you’ll find a tracker at the bottom of each matchday, along with a season table showing the stats of success.  As always, please fire over any questions, contributions or just general hellos to the team via social media and we’ll always get back to you.


Good luck and let us know any winners that you have.