It may be the International break but we still have the data for the games happening today.  As usual we provide the top 20 matches for you across the leagues available.  We haven’t included the Scottish games as they have the cup today, however there may still be some value in looking at those matches.

Following our analysis of the data from last month we are looking at covering 10,9,8 and 7 folds across the top 10 matches today.  Based on the odds available with Sky Bet the returns work out as follows:

10 fold accumulator – 1 line @ £5 returns £40

9 fold accumulator – 10 lines @ 50p (£9) returns £32.51

8 fold accumulator – 45 lines @ 20p (£9) returns £47.51

7 fold accumulator – 120 lines @ 20p (£24) returns £103.04

Total stake £47 returns £223.10 if all 10 matches return over 1.5 goals

Obviously you can adjust the stake however you want, but based on the fact that we have accurately hit 7 out of 10 the 4 last weeks on the bounce, we are confident we can cover the stake and make profit.

As always, any questions please drop a message on Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks, and good luck !!!