eSports represents the serious side of gaming with exponential growth in recent years seeing tournaments paying out in excess of $1,000,000 in prize money to winners, along with it being featured on cable tv for the larger tournaments.

We are seeing sports teams such as English Premier League teams employing their own eSports players to represent the club in tournaments which shows the importance and reach of the eSports in 2018.  There has been talk of the introduction of eSports in the Olympics which demonstrates that there is a global appetite for the growing sport.

The featuring of eSports on both mainstream tv, but also the online streaming aspect has ultimately led to bookmakers offering markets on the sport, so we will be providing eSports Betting Odds and Tips.

This section of Spreadsheet Betting will provide you with the latest in eSports news to help you make your selections with a little bit more science because remember “Its All About The Data”.

We’re also finalising our eSports Merchandise section that will provide you with the opportunity to purchase all the latest merchandise from retailers at the very best prices.  This section will have the latest in eSports merchandise including eSports jerseys, gaming chairs, gaming controllers and other eSports gifts.