We have reached the end of the first month and after a few questions about the data, we have done a summary of the performance for August.

You will see below that the results have been mixed and overall the payouts on BTTS bets would have been quite low unless you were doing cover bets across a number of folds.

We have however run some calculations for over over 1.5 goal bets that shows that each week, the sweet spot on the data is 7 out of 10 of the top 10 matches returning over 1.5 goals.  Using this data and then calculating a rolling stake and return, the data would have returned a profit of £544.90 across the 4 weeks (based on a stake of £112.50 per week).  The full calculations are shown below, along with the data for all 4 weeks – use the tabs at the bottom of each sheet.

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Team SpreadsheetBetting